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Before he started his own business, Mr. Mirza Hasanagić had acquired very rich experience thanks to the long-range work in the «COLOR LABORATORIJU»
of which the owner was Mr. Dragan Šalović.

By the end of 1970-ies, «COLOR LABORATORIJ» used to be one of the best technically equipped studios for photograph production, providing almost all the services related to photograph, including services for professional photographers that placed trust in it. There was hardly an area in Ex-Yugoslavia in which the company had no beneficiaries of its services. Permanent education and advanced training for the personnel of the company existed and the owner, Mr. Salovic made efforts by his own to teach them and to share the biggest secrets of photography craft with them.

«FOTO EXPRESS HASANAGIĆ» was registered in June 1982, at the beginning with modest capital goods and equipment, but with a great desire to work and survive. Working on illustrated story mostly and enjoying the complete confidence of its service beneficiaries, in 1985 the company purchased the production photo-laboratory and started recruiting personnel. Thanks to the quality of provided services during those years as well as to the relationship with the customers, business developed so that, by the end of 80-ies, a number of Sarajevo professionals started utilising services of the laboratory, among which even the reputable companies as::


and many companies from the region of Foca, Rogatica, Han Pijasak, Sokolac, Tuzla, Visegrad, Priboj na Limu, Bileca, Konjic, Hadzici...

With the appearance of MINILABS (completely automatic made machine for photography services supply), in 1988 it was decided in "FOTO EXPRESS" to procure "NORITSU QSS-802" minilab, of that time a very qualitative one. New technology produced new quality as in the entire production, the same way in thinking the matter over. The next purchases of other machines happened in 1996, FUJI-23M, then in 1997 FUJI FA-170, FUJI SFA-238 in 1998, etc

With the appearance of digital photograph and the bigger requirements of the customers for as fast and more qualitative service as possible, there was a need for minilabs purchase of the kind that was keeping pace with contemporary times by their quality and new technology. Today the services are provided by minilabs "NORITSU 2301" and "NORITSU 2611-D8".

In 2003/04 we have bought new NORITSU QSS 3001 & QSS 3000 fulldigital minilabs with laser print and high performance scan of negative material.

This digital system has wide range of possibilities in developing and printing formats up to 20X30 cm.
Laser lightening reaches high value of 320 dpi per photo.
This system allows us manipulation with all possible media at the moment.

«FOTO EXPRESS» performs its business at two locations in the City of Sarajevo. With seven employees and long-standing customers, the company will strive in the future as well to keep pace with contemporary happenings and together with its customers enjoy in what is called magic charms of photograph.

After 20 years of work, I feel as obliged to thank my friends and business partners without of whose help the attained could not have been possible:

Baška Voda, gosp. Dragan Šalović
«COLOR 2000»
gosp. Franjo Pašalić
gosp.Igor Tripalo.
«AGFA» Zagreb
gosp. Mislav Vrbos
«KODAK» Zagreb
gosp. Goran Jurčević
«KODAK TRADE» Široki Brijeg
gosp.Jure Zovko
«FUJI» Zagreb
gosp,Mate Vicenković
gosp.Krešimir Mehičić
«SIBA» Zagreb
gosp.Ilija Sadrić
«POLETI» Zagreb
gosp.Saša Kopešić
«PRIZMA» Zagreb
gosp.Boris Moćan
«FEF» Sarajevo
gosp.Fadil Kapić
«DAMAR» Slavonski Brod
gosp.Bariša Kurtušić
gosp.Adem Đumišić
gosp.Emir Akšamija
«FOTO ALAGIĆ» Sanski Most
gosp.Nizo Alagić
gosp.Sulejman Žunić
gosp.Šaban Žunić
gosp.Mufid Hađić
gosp.Hamid Hađić
«FOTO OPTIK» Sarajevo
gosp.Izet Bijedić
«DES» Sarajevo
gosp.Đemo Babić
«KONICA» Sarajevo
gosp.Ismet Beganović
gosp.Goran Bilik
gosp.Zoran Kalnić
gosp.Zoran Lešić
gosp.Faruk Šabić
«GIDE» doo Sarajevo
gosp.Smail Gogalić
«FOTOS» doo Zagreb
gosp.Goran Sabovljević
«Quick Press» Novi Sad
gosp. Zvonko Ilić

dir.Mirza Hasanagic
owner Mirza Hasanagić


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